System Administration


Transfer email accounts between hostings

Copy IMAP mailboxes from one hosting to another, both online and from our computer, to perform a clean and correct mail migration.
Actualizar WSL

WSL: fix error 0x80040326

How to fix error 0x80040326 in WSL that prevents us from opening the Linux console on our Windows 10/11 computer
dpkg-reconfigure locales

Character problems in files

What I always recommend to my clients is that they do not use special characters in file names, whether they are images, pdf files, etc.
Optimus Cache Prime

Load cached pages

With this trick we will be able to preload the cache of all the webs that we manage in a very easy way and from the console of our computer.
salida multitail Nginx

Log tracking with multitail

Monitoring the logs of our WordPress installations with the multitail command that allows us to view several files simultaneously and in real time.

Managing WordPress servers

Linux utility commands for remote administration of WordPress servers and debugging WordPress issues
Consumo CPU servidor Vultr

Limit bots access to our web site by hours

Limit the access of bots to our website by periods, blocking from the Cloudflare firewall with rules that we will activate and deactivate from its API.
Opciones GridPane

WordPress with GridPane, Proxmox and OVH

Installing a high performance WordPress server with GridPane on an OVH server with Proxmox installed and an IP Failover, configuring the network card

Fixing redirection problems with cURL

A fairly frequent problem I encounter in Codeable are redirection errors, caused by plugins or incorrect configurations.