WordPress maintenance service

WordPress maintenance services are created so that you never have to worry about the technical aspects of your WordPress, your only task is to create content and grow your business, leaving the technical part in my hands.

Never again will you have to worry if updating a plugin will stop working a part of the web, if for fear of updating the WordPress core you are exposing your website to possible attacks or why suddenly your installation does not allow you to send emails to your customers.

You won’t have to worry about dealing with technical problems with the hosting support and understand what the technician meant when he said that you have to create a CNAME for the CDN to work properly, your task is to create great content and mine is to take care of the technical part.

Plans available


Ideal for pages with
little variation in content


  • Daily backup
  • 90-day backup retention
  • Free restoration to any state in the last 90 days
  • WordPress core updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Plugin updates
  • Automatic monitoring every minute
  • Uptime Page
  • Incident management directly with hosting providers
  • Contact by mail


Ideal for small e-commerce sites and sites with regular content publishing


Everything in the Bronze plan plus:

  • Four daily backups
  • Free restoration to any state in the last 90 days (360 restoration points)
  • WooCommerce
  • Incident management directly with hosting providers and domain and/or CDN problems.
  • Direct contact via Telegram
  • SSL certificate expiration monitoring
  • SSL certificate problem monitoring


Ideal for e-commerce sites and websites with regular content publishing and lots of comments


Everything in the Silver plus plan:

  • Manual plugin update
  • Manual copy request
  • Database and server optimizations
  • Monthly audit
  • Videoconference support
  • WPO


Ideal for complex, high traffic sites
and customized developments

Contact us for price

Everything in the Gold plus plan:

  • Hourly backups
  • Free restore to any state in the last 90 days (over 2,100 restore points)
  • Customized development according to needs
  • And everything you need for your website…

* Try them and if you are not convinced in the first month, you pay nothing.

* Prices shown do not include VAT

WordPress maintenance service is the life insurance of your website, of your online business. With the correct maintenance and preventive actions, we avoid later regrets for not having an updated backup, a service to avoid intrusion detection… we already know that prevention is better than cure. It is a service where you should not notice that I am there, only if you need to ask me a question, warn me that something is not working exactly as it should or even if you want to ask me which email client I think is best for your organization or the system I use to sign contracts online and digitally (man does not live by WordPress alone).

They have said about the services…

Carlos is a 100% decisive, detail-oriented, efficient and creative developer.

It gives me great peace of mind to be able to work with such a responsible professional who is also a good person.

Wajari Velasquez

SEO Consultant

Really impressed with the responsiveness and his detailed report. The report actually included things I was concerned about but did not mention to him. He is now going to do some more work for me.

Michael Morales

Codeable client

Expert developer and superb maintenance.

Carlos has my full confidence.

Luis Malibran


Carlos is a great developer and collaborator, always looking for the best fix and willing to help out with all the moving parts. Definitely working with him again. Thank you Carlos!

Karen Peralta

Codeable client

Carlos is a master in WordPress web maintenance, he is a great person and solves the most complex problems very quickly.

Luis Monje

Scientific photography

AMAZING! Quick. Answers everything very well thought through. Good documentation, suggestions, and a very nice tone in the writing and language. Could not have asked for anything else – very impressed! Will definitely use him again! (Thanks Codeable to have found and continue to have this amazing person in your network and also for your system – easy to work in and the vault feels safe).

Rachel Lundgren

Codeable client

An excellent professional and person.

I am delighted with their services.

Highly recommended.

Pepe Bouza

Fashion Store

He responded and had things moving within the hour. Wow! (and this was at 3 in the morning for him). I couldn’t be happier with him. Felt good when I first saw him – and even better after he finished. Highly recommended!

Jacob Hess

Codeable client

Do you have any doubts?

Ask me whatever you need, any idea, doubt, recommendation or question.
about the maintenance of your website that you want to know before you try the service

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