About WP Tavern

Taberna WP (or Taberna WordPress) is a project by Carlos Longarela.

It was born with a different idea to the one that is evolving since it was initially intended to be a meeting place for WordPress lovers, but it is growing in the direction of becoming my personal page and also my professional services.

Although the idea of experimentation continues on this website, its current drift is more about transmitting the result of these experiments and instead of notes related to WordPress, tools and related technologies.

If you need me to help you with a particular WordPress problem, I will be happy to do it myself and my fellow WordPress community members from the forums provided for that purpose. If you need something more specialized, custom developments, consulting, etc., then you can hire my professional services by sending me an email from the contact page of this website.

This website has nothing to do with WP Tavern although the name may be confusing. The origin of Taberna WordPress was the search for a name that reflected the main theme of the site. In the search for a name that would reflect the closeness and informal meeting place I was looking for, I weighed several possibilities; one of which was tasca, but it had a slightly darker connotation, perhaps of less professionalism, hence I opted for Taberna WP.

In Spanish we change the v English by the b and WP goes to the last place, maybe it is not enough differentiation… maybe in the future I will change the name for another one that I like more for the purpose of this web… I don’t know, the fact is that for the moment I like it and that’s the way it will stay. I am sorry if it seems to anyone a copy or an attempt to take advantage of the fame of the other site.