WordPress services offered

WordPress Developments

Custom WordPress developments, whether you need a Landing page, a website for your business, an e-commerce store or a custom developed website, I will see your needs, what best fits and I will create a development according to your specific requirements, because each project has its own characteristics, you can not make websites for all the same.

Custom plugins

Tell me the need of your website and I will develop a custom plugin to perform the necessary tasks you need, either to display something on screen as the more complex options for manipulating the database, content generation from external databases, third party APIs, etc..

WordPress Maintenance

Because as important as the creation of the web is the maintenance and updating of the same, I take care of managing updates, backups, restorations, control the uptime and in short, that everything works as it should without having to suffer scares, websites down, hacked or other problems due to lack of maintenance.


WPO: Web Performance Optimization. Optimization of the performance of your website from the improvement of loading times, server response, weight of images, scripts and css and advisable techniques for optimal maintenance of the web.

Offline Audit

I inspect your website from different points of view: security, best practices, plugins, code optimization, web hosting recommendations, DNS configuration, email, etc. and I deliver a report with the results and recommended actions for you to do it yourself, look for a professional to do it or if you prefer, hire my services to do it for you..

Online Audit

I analyze your website live with screen sharing and showing you the results, with video recording so you can watch it again at any time: security, best practices, plugins, code optimization, web hosting recommendations, DNS configuration, email, etc.

  • Do you need an email under your own domain? I configure the best options for each situation, whether it is mail with Google Apps, Zoho mail or the most appropriate solution for your case, with the creation of MX records, SPF, DKIM authentication, DMARC configuration and tracking, rules creation, filters, etc.
  • Development/backend training: Do you want to learn the best way to develop locally? learn the best way to use Git, Ansible to manage servers, Vagrant for local testing? the best way to Debug PHP or your database, debug javascript errors? we can arrange a few hours of remote training through Zoom meeting, with camera and desktop sharing, recording the class so you can watch it again at any time.
  • Web analytics: Do you want to know everything that happens on your website or store? I configure the Google Analytics system to send you reports of visits by age, gender, country, most visited pages, days and hours of peak traffic … everything you need to make the right decisions based on the behavior of users on your website. If you need something more advanced, SEO issues, etc., I will recommend professionals I trust.
  • Ticket control panels: Do you need to have a control of incidents, sales, requests…? I will propose you the most suitable ticketing system for your needs, with the ideal configuration of mail, SLA (Service Level Agreement) rules, escalation levels, groups, etc…
  • Troubleshooting via remote connection: If you have any problem with your PC, with the configuration and/or use of any service, be it CMS, mail, tickets, help in your web development, etc. I offer you the service of connection by remote control, showing you the process from my shared screen or with access to yours for the proper configuration.
  • Developments for mobiles: Whether you need to connect a CMS with an App (using json, xml, webservices, etc.), develop a specific web for mobiles or make an App in HTML5 or a hybrid development with PhoneGap, I will give you an answer to your needs.
  • Cloud servers and hosting: I advise you the best hosting for your project or if you prefer I will host it in Google (Google Cloud), Amazon (AWS) or Microsoft (Microsoft Azure) servers, with scalable solutions so you can serve 100 pages per month or 100 million pages.
  • Multi-language developments: If you need the best solution to have your website in several languages, whether it is WPML or another option, I will offer you a suitable solution, installed and configured so that you can do the translations yourself or connect your CMS to a professional translation service.
  • … and in short, whatever project you want to consult me, I will give you a solution or refer you to the right professional.