WordPress services offered

WordPress Developments

Custom WordPress developments, whether you need a Landing page, a website for your business, an e-commerce store or a custom developed website, I will see your needs, what fits best and I will create a development according to your specific requirements, because each project has its own characteristics, it is not possible to make websites for all of them the same way.

Custom plugins

Tell me the need of your website and I will develop a custom plugin that performs the tasks you need, either to display something on screen as the more complex options for database manipulation, content generation from external databases, third-party APIs, etc..

WordPress Maintenance

Because as important as the creation of the website is the maintenance and updating of the same.I take care of managing updates, backups, restorations, control the uptime and in short, that everything works as it should without having to suffer scares, websites down, hacked or other problems due to lack of maintenance.


WPO: Web Performance Optimization. Improve the performance of your website by reducing load times, improving server response and optimizing the weight of images, scripts and CSS. I also use recommended techniques to keep your website in optimal conditions.

Offline Audit

I inspect your website from different points of viewI will provide you with a report with the results and recommended actions for you to do it yourself, look for a professional to do it for you, or if you prefer, hire my services to do it for you..

Online Audit

I analyze your website live with screen sharing and showing you the results, with video recording, so you can watch it again at any time: security, best practices, plugins, code optimization, web hosting recommendations, DNS configuration, email, etc.

Do you need an email under your own domain? Development/backend training, Cloud servers and hosting, multi-language developments… in short, any project you want to consult me, I will give you a solution or refer you to the right professional.

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