WordPress Gold Maintenance Service

Features include


For only 399€ per month (+ VAT)

Ideal for e-commerce sites and websites with regular content publishing and lots of comments.

Daily backup

Four backups of the website (files and Database) daily with the possibility of restoring the status up to 90 days back (360 restore points). Backups are stored in the Amazon S3 service in the Europe region. You can indicate in your privacy policy that the data will be stored for 90 days in the encrypted backup, and you can view all of Amazon’s information regarding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at https://aws.amazon.com/es/compliance/gdpr-center/.

The backups are kept for 90 days after they are made, so if we need to recover photos uploaded two months ago that were deleted by mistake, we can recover only that specific folder or restore the complete state of the website to a certain day, both the database and the files.

Manual backup upon customer’s request.

Upon customer request it can be restored at no additional cost to any state within the last 90 days.


WordPress core update service and compatibility check with current theme and working plugins.

Themes update service of the WordPress installation and compatibility check with the installation and installed plugins.

WordPress installation Plugins update service and compatibility check with the installed installation and Theme.

Manual update of Plugins included with Themes and/or Premium plugins that involve downloading and updating via ftp.


Uptime alert service with uptime monitoring every minute and downtime warning.

Uptime history and current service status page as https://uptime.tabernawp.com/

Security and malware status checking service (plugins and external blocks).

Action in the event of system errors and crashes.

Hosting arrangements

Contact Taberna WordPress by email.

Direct contact with the hosting service either via telephone, chat, mail, etc., to resolve possible incidents.

Resolution of all types of incidents that prevent the proper functioning of the WordPress installation.


Suitable for WooCommerce.

SSL certificate expiration monitoring.

Monitoring of possible problems with SSL certificates.

Monthly audit

Monthly audit to detect possible problems, improvements to be implemented on the website and possible current and future problems.

Videoconference support

Support by videoconference at the customer’s request and subject to availability by both parties, in which the customer will be able to solve possible doubts and problems that may arise in the solution of new services.


Web Performance Optimization (WPO) from the database and server to detect possible bottlenecks and optimize the performance of the web obtaining an optimal response from the user.

Try it without obligation

Try it without obligation, payment is made in arrears and if the first month does not convince you, you will pay nothing.

* The WordPress Gold Maintenance service does not include the modification and/or creation of content, custom programming to add new features, design changes or any action other than maintenance for the proper functioning of the website.

WordPress Gold Maintenance Service

WordPress maintenance services are created so that you never have to worry about the technical aspects of your WordPress, your only task is to create content and grow your business, leaving the technical part in my hands.

Never again will you have to worry if updating a plugin will stop working a part of the web, if for fear of updating the WordPress core you are exposing your website to possible attacks or why suddenly your installation does not allow you to send emails to your customers.

You won’t have to worry about dealing with technical problems with the hosting support and understand what the technician meant when he said that you have to create a CNAME for the CDN to work properly, your task is to create great content and mine is to take care of the technical part.

Contract Gold WordPress Maintenance Service