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WordPress admin in recovery mode

Change error recovery email in WordPress

Disable the Fatal Error Recovery Mode functionality in WordPress so that it does not send emails in case of error or change the email to which warnings are sent.
Servicios WordPress medición ordenador

Gutenberg vs Elementor, Divi or Visual Composer

Gutenberg vs Elementor, Divi or Visual Composer, I give you my personal opinion about visual layout for WordPress and Gutenberg, native to WordPress.
ttf to woff2 conversion

Converting TTF variable fonts to WOFF2

How to convert TTF variable fonts to WOFF2 with Google libraries and from our own system, without resorting to third party services.
Opciones GridPane

WordPress with GridPane, Proxmox and OVH

Installing a high performance WordPress server with GridPane on an OVH server with Proxmox installed and an IP Failover, configuring the network card
Best WordPress Page Builder

Best WordPress Page Builder?

My opinion on WhatSayTheExperts about the best visual builders in 2021, along with those of 84 other industry professionals.
Desbloquear Redsys en Cloudflare

Unblock Redsys in Cloudflare

When using Cloudflare with WooCommerce a firewall is activated that blocks Redsys confirmation requests, unblock them with a rule
Divi to Gutenberg

Remove Divi shortcodes

Remove shortcodes generated by Divi on pages and posts, to move the content to the new WordPress editor, Gutenberg. Remove shortcodes from single or multiple entries.
Local TTFB

WordPress, Local and the problems with TTFB

WordPress issues with Local and Windows 10 and the solution to very high TTFB times going from about two seconds to approximately six milliseconds

Using PHPCS and WordPress standards

It is very important that when we write code for ourselves or for our clients, we use standards, in our case WordPress standards.

Fixing redirection problems with cURL

A fairly frequent problem I encounter in Codeable are redirection errors, caused by plugins or incorrect configurations.
Cafés en la WordCamp Madrid 2019

WordCamp Madrid 2019

Before I start with WC Madrid 2019 I must tell you that this post has been in draft since April and I was hesitating whether to publish it (I have about a dozen more posts in draft), but although it is nothing new, I will publish it
WordPress lento

This WordPress is very slow…

Is your WordPress running too slow? let's look at some database optimization options, possible plugins and useful tools for WordPress WPO