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WordPress security

Secure your WordPress code

Some of the security measures you should take into account when it comes to making your WordPress code a little more secure.
wc pontevedra 2023

WordCamp Pontevedra 2023

Summary of WordCamp Pontevedra 2023. Here you will not see a summary of the content, this time you will have to read the entry.
WP Cli Info

WordPress web migration between hostings

Among the different options to move a website from one hosting to another, here are the options for manual migration, using SSH and WP CLI
José Luis en WC EU Grecia

WordPress is a little bigger today

José Luis Losada is community and is WordPress, he has not left us, he is in all our memories and will be forever.
Video Thumbnail: Subtitular y traducir con Whisper

Generate subtitles for your videos with Whisper AI

Creates subtitles and English translation, generated by Whisper, an AI that performs transcription using Google's cloud servers.
Esta no es mi web

This is not the website I have migrated !!!!

You transfer a WordPress website from one hosting to another and the result is totally different from the initial one, this is not my website!

Fixing a hacked website

If your WordPress has been hacked, in this post I show you a series of tricks and advanced techniques to find the cause of the infection and repair it.
Actualizar WSL

WSL: fix error 0x80040326

How to fix error 0x80040326 in WSL that prevents us from opening the Linux console on our Windows 10/11 computer
Lando Taberna WordPress

Relying on the Lando certificate from WSL2

Trusting the certificate issued by Lando from our Windows browsers when Lando has been installed from the Windows WSL2 Linux subsystem.
Medios de comunicación

Why I don’t use WhatsApp with my clients

I do not use WhatsApp to communicate with clients, nor do I use the telephone, except on rare occasions. How do I manage communications?
Certificado grado A

WordPress security from Cloudflare

In this article we will see how to improve the security of our WordPress installation directly from Cloudflare by creating WAF rules and security headers.
xmlrpc bloqueado por Cloudflare

WordPress security in three levels

If you are wondering if your website is secure, the quick answer is no, now let's see how to protect your WordPress from three different access levels.