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Tipografías para programación

The best fonts for programming

The ideal fonts for programming: are monospaced fonts better? what are ligatures and how can we activate them? along with other questions
Estándares programación

WordPress Standards for JavaScript and CSS in VSC

Install the WordPress programming standards for JavaScript and CSS/SCSS plus the necessary extensions for use in VSC
Foto grupal WC Madrid

WordCamp Madrid 2023

My summary of the WordCamp Madrid 2023, where I gave a workshop, sponsored by Lucushost and we collaborated with the WordPress project.
MySQL transactions

Using database transactions

Although WordPress does not support transactions, let's see how to use them in the database in our tests to fix problems.
Estándares instalados

Installing WordPress standards on Windows 10/11

Installing WordPress standards on Windows 10/11, plus the standards for WooCommerce
phpcs en VSC

Installing WordPress standards on the development server

We installed WordPress and WooCommerce standards on an Ubuntu development server for use with phpcs.
Imagen de marca Taberna WP 3

New image of Taberna WP

New image of Taberna WP, as you may have noticed in recent weeks, the image of the website has been gradually changing.
Bloque alineado a la izquierda

Solution for left alignment in Gutenberg Blocks

Fix problem of Gutenberg blocks aligned to the left, without any separation from the left slash.
Medios de comunicación

Why I don’t use WhatsApp with my clients

I do not use WhatsApp to communicate with clients, nor do I use the telephone, except on rare occasions. How do I manage communications?
WordPress admin in recovery mode

Change error recovery email in WordPress

Disable the Fatal Error Recovery Mode functionality in WordPress so that it does not send emails in case of error or change the email to which warnings are sent.
Servicios WordPress medición ordenador

Gutenberg vs Elementor, Divi or Visual Composer

Gutenberg vs Elementor, Divi or Visual Composer, I give you my personal opinion about visual layout for WordPress and Gutenberg, native to WordPress.