WordCamp Torrelodones 2024

WordCamp Torrelodones 2024
WordCamp Torrelodones 2024. Photo by Fede Padilla. Official album of the event on Flickr.

Friday: 20:35

I had this post pending for a couple of weeks and you know, time….

I don’t know how long it will take me to write this entry, but I intend to be very brief (I’m sure I won’t succeed) and thus set a precedent for future WordCamps reviews.

The trip

I made the trip with Mónica and Andrés who came from Ferrol and picked me up in Lugo.

Thank you both very much, it has been a wonderful trip, both on the way there and on the way back, and on the way back I was so tired that I was planning to sleep part of the way. Not even for a minute, we spent the whole time in conversation.

It has been a fantastic trip in which we got to know each other a little bit better, thank you Monica and thank you Andres.

The stay

In Torrelodones I stayed with Wajari, my partner of countless adventures, at the PAX Torrelodones hotel. But he fooled me, there was no jacuzzi.

jacuzzi hotel PAX

The location was unbeatable, right there was the dinner for speakers, volunteers and organizers, and also just five minutes away from the WordCamp site.

The dinner on Friday was fantastic, but what can we say about the food at any of the WordCamps in Spain?

It must be said, before dinner we were having a few beers with other good friends of the community.

The event

WPO Talk Carlos Longarela
WPO Talk. Photo by Yohe Cáceres. Official album of the event on Flickr.

WordCamp kicked off on Saturday. On this occasion I had the great privilege of having them choose one of my talks “WPO with feeling: using DevTools to speed up your web”:

In addition, I had the honor of being sponsored by LucusHost, which means a lot to me, because besides being from my homeland, Lugo, both Jonathan and Maria, are excellent people, and wearing the shirt of a brand that I really believe and trust, is a real luxury.

Jonathan LucusHost
Jonathan Martinez, CEO of LucusHost. Photo by Nilo Vélez. Official Flickr album of the event.

Of the talks, I have to highlight the one by my friend Wajari, and not just because he is my friend, but because he is a real crack: “Learn local SEO with Petete’s Big Book“, knowledge and fun in equal parts.

El libro gordo de Petete
Petete’s fat book teaches you. Photo by Nilo Vélez. Official Flickr album of the event.

Other talks that I also saw, some of them later on WordPress TV because they coincided with others and that I would recommend to you are:

And as you can see, I have enjoyed quite a few live talks or some that I had not been able to, which I have seen as soon as they became available.

In my opinion, the line-up was fantastic, of great quality and very diverse.

Contributor Day

We started the Contributor with a certain tiredness, the result of so much talk the day before, but don’t think it was for any other reason. By the way, if you want to know what a WordCamp After Party is like, you have to attend a WordCamp, as we are very professional and never write about what happens after hours 😜.

As you all know, Contributor is the really important WordPress day, where you contribute to WordPress, which is the main reason for a WordCamp.

And as we got together a few of us from the WordCamp Pontevedra, we are dedicated to start setting up the website of the event that will take place from 20 to 22 September. When we publish the website you will see the results, but now that I have just logged in again I can inform you that the omnipresent presi has already done almost all the work on the website. In the end in the Contributor I put two colors and two blocks and now Sabela has done all the team’s work 🫣.

Contributor Day
I had to look like I was working. Photo by Nilo Vélez. Official Flickr album of the event.

What is important

For me, the most important thing about a WordCamp is the people, the networking, the chats in the evening, after lunch, etc.

The people you meet again after months, the people that you “devirtualize” after a long time of “knowing” them through the internet, or the new people you meet at WordCamp.

I was delighted that in this WordCamp in Torrelodones we had so many Galicians, Juan, Wajari, Sabela, Lúa, Mónica, Andrés, Sonia, Julio, Jonathan, María, Ángel, José Ramón, Fernando, Julio, Mon, Ohia (the adopted ones also count) and maybe I have forgotten some of them.

Gallegos in WC Torrelodones
Gallegos at WordCamp Torrelodones. Photo by Nilo Vélez. Official Flickr album of the event.

I was also delighted to see old friends again and here the list would be too long, so in order not to leave anyone out I will not name all those I had the pleasure of greeting, hugging, chatting and, in short, having a good time with you.

I was delighted to meet Lidia Arroyo, as well as Sammy Arburola and other fellow travelers. It is on the to-do list to attend a WordCamp in Cista Rica and visit its fantastic community, which I met virtually in the Zoom meetings during the pandemic.

Costa Rica in WC Torrelodones
Photo with the Costa Rican community at WordCamp Torrelodones. Photo by Lidia Arroyo.

I was also delighted to meet people who came to talk to me after the talk with questions, observations and so on, such as Santiago Barrero and Paula with whom I spent some time talking, among other attendees.

I was especially excited to meet Manuel Pernias, Karen Rodríguez and Patricia Ayuso in person. Manuel, that I know you read these reviews, for the year we have to repeat 😉.

The Organization

Ana saying goodbye to WC Torrelodones
Ana Cirujano, lead organizer of WordCamp Torrelodones 2024. Photo by Nilo Vélez. Official Flickr album of the event.

There is no WordCamp without an organizing team, headed for the second year by Ana Cirujano.

What to say about Ana, there are great, very great and Ana. Not for nothing is he one of the people in the world who has more chats on WordPress TV and the one who has more in Spanish.

This was my first WordCamp in Torrelodones and I must say that everything was great, thank you, Ana. You have done a fantastic job together with the whole team.

Helen Moreno has been at all times aware of everything and everyone, Lidia Marbán has brought us the speakers in palmitas, Jaime as always for everything and everyone … a wonderful organization and excuse me the others that I do not know so much or have not coincided, but between all this great team, you have achieved a fantastic event.

It is clear that WordCamps are great for the people, not for their number and Torrelodones has won me over for future editions. Thank you, Ana and all the team.

PS: Saturday 02:01. In this entry I set out to measure how long it took me to write a “brief” review of a WordCamp, so I wrote at the beginning when I started writing it. In between I stopped for a little less than an hour for dinner.

As you can see, just over 4 hours. Select some photos, adapt them to the size, look at the titles of the talks, Twitter links (sorry X), some websites, correct texts, reread, translate, etc., etc., etc., etc..

And as I know how much work and effort is involved in writing one of these summaries, that’s why I like to read those of friends who publish something and, if possible, comment, because, what less than spending a minute to send a comment, even if it’s just a thank you, when that person has spent several hours to send us their impressions.

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