WordCamp Pontevedra 2023

wc pontevedra 2023 with José Luis
José Luis has been with us throughout this edition. Background photo by Nilo and aerial photo by Fede.

This fourth edition of WordCamp Pontevedra has been fantastic.

The talks have been great and on this occasion I have seen a few of them.

But I’m not going to talk about the event here, as you can see all the talks from https://wordpress.tv/event/wordcamp-pontevedra-2023/ or an excellent selection of photos by Nilo Vélez from here: Friday photos, Saturday photos and Sunday photos.

I am going to tell you about people: Wajari, Juan, Jorge, Sabela, Lúa, Mónica, José Luis, Sonia, Jesús, Fernando, Carlos, María, Paula, Ohia, Ángel, Carla, Jacobo, Celi, Brais, Yordan, Mónica, David, Gustavo, Nilo, Verónica, José Ramón, Aitana, Breixo, Luis Miguel, Ana, Moncho, Jonathan, Álvaro, Amadeu, André, Ángel, Daniel, David, Fede, Flavia, Eneko, Gisela, Isabel, Jaime, José, Julio, Lidia, Marita, Marta, Nahuai, Nando, Pablo, Rocío, Paco, Núria, Yolanda and so on and so on, up to about three hundred people.

These people are the WordCamp Pontevedra and this year I have been fortunate to be able to participate as an organizer, although my contribution from afar has been very little. Without all these wonderful people, this event would not have been possible, but more than content, it has been about feelings.

Without the volunteers, sponsors, speakers and each of the workers who have made it possible, this event that makes you feel like family would not be possible. The catering workers, the people from the University, each one of the attendees… people, that’s what WordCamps and especially this event is all about.

Afterwards, we can look for any excuse we want to attend, but that affection, those social relations, that affection that I have felt since that time, that affection that I have felt since that time, that affection, that affection that I have felt since that time. first WordCamp that I attended with José Luis and WajariI still feel it in each one, but especially in Pontevedra and specifically in this event.

Lúa, as you can see, we have coincided in one more WordCamp and now that we have arranged for a couple more in Spain and abroad… this is what WordCamps are all about, people you meet one day and see again and again, and you end up sharing a room, chats and trips. It is about people, life experiences, a few wines at Wajari’s house or a conversation in a Contributor, pasilleo.

José Luis, the alma mater of this WordCamp, of WordPress in Spain and the glue that has made so many of us meet, was an expert in all of this.

wc pontevedra 2023
José Luis (son) and Tania (YITH) at the organization dinner. Photo by Nilo.

This WordCamp has brought back great memories, brought tears to my eyes on numerous occasions and made me see, once again, that the greatness of WordPress is not its code, but its people.

Although I should name many people, I would always have several more to mention, but I want to mention once again my two companions of the initial Lugo-Santander trip and who have brought so many other trips and experiences in these six years.

Thank you friends !!!

Codeable Dinner, Porto 2022
WC Europe, Porto 2022

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